1985 Polaris Indy 400. It will need some tuning to get it running good. I don’t have the time to mess with it anymore. I have owned it for about 11 years, and it has sat in the garage for about the last 5 years. I don’t use it anymore. The fluids will need to be changed (coolant, and fuel). I have not registered it since 2005. It starts and runs, but is a little doggy, and doesn’t want to stay running. I would like to get at least 400 for it, but I can work with interested buyers.

It has some damage on the left side. This occurred back in 2002 when a sledder came around a corner too fast and the back of his sled swung out and caught my hood and hit my sled. This caused the air intake cover to break apart by the gauges.

Includes cover, manual for sled, and an extra low windsheild. I also have most of the broken parts to the air intake cover

Located near Escanaba MI Upper Peninsula.

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I have the wrap for the bars too. Its just not on the sled. It also has hand and thumb warmers. I believe the thumb warmer wire has broken since it doesnt work at the moment. I think I know what wire it is... It might be spotted from the pictures.
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