Hello, how are all you fellow sledders, anxious to ride my too,one problem I have to sell my sled, why because i want a new one, this sled is in fair to good condition it needs only minor stuff like windshield (only if you wan it to look better), feul pump, and a new belt and an ignition but can be re wired. OK so you say why dont you get those parts then sell it, I'm 14 and I love to ride my stepdad lets me ride his MXZ and the V-max xtc 600, but thats not it there his and i want something of mt own and I will take a Trade for another sled , I just love snowmobiling its the best feeling in the world, not to be cute ,true storie my mom and dad had just gotting me and my bro some used Phazers and and left them out in our front yard on cristmas eve, guess what? woke up on christmas with a cup of cofee and sad faces. It was stolen [], but thats not the point, the piont is im selling my old sled the panther no money to fix when i bought it about 1 week ago the idiot pretty much took my money ($535) cash, alot of money for me, and i dont have the money to fix it, I will sell this thing for 300 OBO or trades are welcome I live near chicago And it will have to be picked up so feel free to call me 1847 271 2307 other than that it runs well because when i squirted gas in the carb fired on first pull. by the way I have the title or registration card!

thanks guys and happy sleddin!