Hi guys, I recently pulled this 1991 Polaris Indy trail deluxe 488 fan out of the bush at a friend of mines house. Had sat for approx 5 years. Anyways, First few rides crank seal blew out and cooked one piston in the middle of the lake we were riding on. While rebuilding the engine, I cleaned the bowl of the carbs out... At this time the sled idled perfect. Ever since I rebuilt the engine it idles at 1900 or so rpm without issues. Last weekend I took my sled for a ride and it was idling at 3000 rpm. Now no matter what I do, it starts, idles at 1900 and the second i breathe on the throttle it'll just keep climbing until it hits 3000 and will not drop back to the starting idle speed, it even engaged the track once. Kind of freaky. I've set the carbs on this thing like 15 times now including the cable to try and rectify this issue. I'm an apprentice diesel tech, first sled I've had since a bravo which I never had to play with... It always just ran.

Set cable to .240
set idle screws 2 rotations in from "touching the slides"
Air screw 1.0 turn back
-Slides move up and down nicely in the carbs, no sticking

-Checked for air leaks at boots, none found, took top plate off and sprayed in between fan plate and jug, no idle change
-Crank seals ok, no idle change
-checked cable free play, ok
-pulled plugs, seem wet. Possible needle stuck and over fueling? when it idles at 3000, it has all kinds of power. no bog... this may be affected by the whole bunch of time i was starting and shutting it off playing with the carb settings though too.

--- Whats the likely hood the primary clutch messes with the rpm, Couple weeks back I had broken the primary clutch spring. Buddy had a spare from an 07 polaris IQ 600. It was a bit more beefy than mine. I currently have spring coming for it. But would it affect idle rpm? I wouldn't think so...

Please help.. Have a sled trip lined up for this weekend. Wouldn't really like to take it with the idle this high... I have about 4 hours into looking everything over here and keep resetting the carbs... I am going to lose my mind soon...