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How much oil does your's use?

This is a discussion on How much oil does your's use? within the Polaris forums, part of the Brand Specific Snowmobile Discussion category; Not sure but tank either.. When full, oil light comes on at 150 miles. never did bother figuring out consumption. Have already burned through a ...

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Thread: How much oil does your's use?

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    Not sure but tank either.. When full, oil light comes on at 150 miles. never did bother figuring out consumption. Have already burned through a 10L big jug. Ususally burn about 25L a season +-

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    is Looking for a used F6 or F7
    for the 13 year old
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    I was using one bottle of isopropol per tank, and when I blew up the 500, the old man at Langs machine shop, asked first thing about running iso, I said yes, and he just smiled and walked away with my crank. Since then, I never run iso, unless Im positive of water in the fuel,and bought those "tampons". This year, after running out of oil, light came on, I stopped and bought some castrol on the trail,4.00, compared to amsoil 10.00,and ran that a bit. found the castrol on sale for 1.98, at advanced auto, and have been running that in all the sleds. 8.00 a gallon, compared to 28.00 for polaris blue. Doesnt seem to hurt my wallet as bad,lol
    2011 Polaris Assault
    2004 Ski doo rev 600
    1996 xcr 600 1.25 camoplast ripsaw
    1998 Arctic Cat 440 jag

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    is time to make the firewood!!!
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    Which bottle of iso. The 10 gal or the 20 gal. Most fuels already have 1-2% in the fuel blend.

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    is Is waiting for parts and
    bummin that when he moves to
    wisconsin there wont be any
    riding. Sleds gonna be lonely
    in the shed
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    Fill your fuel and oil tanks, ride it and record how much it takes to fill both again. Sleds should be 40:1. I run about 38 or 39 because i like buyin oil.
    Tune your oil pump acordingly. plain and simple. I do it to all my sleds as soon as i get them. I trust knowone

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    is @ 300 miles for the season and
    looking for more!!!
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    I would rather be gulping alot of oil then not enough u guys no what i mean.

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    Dragon 700 uses 1 qt. per 100 mile or 10 gals how ever you want to look at it. My 600 pro X 2 is about the same. My 1999 700 SKS went 200 miles on 1 qt. I do not know why but, I never had engine problems.

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    is getting ready for hillclimb
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    i get 2 10 gallon tanks of gas to 1 tank of oil

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    I got about the same with my XCR and at first, I thought was a bit too much. After hear from you all, Im guessing its normal. WL.
    My neighbor used to say, " The speed that thrills, the speed that kills "

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    is had good snow yesterday, more
    coming tomorrow. Still
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    mine runs about a quart to 14 gal of gas. for some reason that nobody can explain either is that my xlt gets better mileage than the other triples I ride with. We all have similar riding styles, jetting on 2 of them is the same but we'll go equal miles and I'll need 4.5 gals and he'll need 6. Annoys the crap out of my riding buds.

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    is Snowing here.
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    My 700 RMK drinks a quart to a 100 miles. My XLT is less but it also uses less gas than the 700.

    94 XLT 2" paddle 136
    8,500 miles and going strong

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