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Blue primary spring go to an HSP white 145/280 or similar for higher engagement rpm
10M-R weights
42/34 progressive or Polaris T1 helix
HSP white secondary spring #3 hole
Gear down one tooth on top or 1-2 teeth more on the bottom.
9000-9200 is where you want to be at WOT
engagement should be around 5000

These sleds runs well with pipes but become much more tempermental. You need to stay on top of the jetting for the temp. and altitude. Make sure you run a little more oil and GOOD oil. These sleds have a history of crank failure when piped. My 95 XCR 600 with Aaen pipes ran well (3500+ miles), but the first owner did have the crank let go with it piped. Good luck.
I agree. I drove mine 15 min with the pipes and twisted the crank. Maybe it was because I was on dry grass with studs. Lots of traction