BSE engines???
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BSE engines???

This is a discussion on BSE engines??? within the Vintage forums, part of the Snowmobiles category; Does anyone know for sure what BSE stands for? Is it Bouchard Special engine or Bouchard Snowmobile engine? These were used in Moto-Ski sleds from ...

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Thread: BSE engines???

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    Does anyone know for sure what BSE stands for? Is it Bouchard Special engine or Bouchard Snowmobile engine? These were used in Moto-Ski sleds from '72 to '75. Also, what was the name of the Japanese company that manufactured these engines? Thanks.

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    Bouchard Standard Engine (BSE) History -

    (courtesy of

    1971 Research and Development

    - A 440 BSE F/A first appeared in a Bullet chassis
    - The sleds' model number suggests it is a KMS engine (1XR7 K) but the BSE's were different
    - KMS (Kebec Moto-Ski) engines debuted in 1970 as limited hand built versions
    - Wider use in 1971 Bullets in 295, 340, 650, and 800 versions but quality issues during mass manufacture and the termination of the Bullet program caused the discontinuation of KMS for 1972.

    1972 Incorporation into the Lineup

    - BSE engines first appeared in the model lineup in 250, 340, and 440 axial fan versions
    - Available in the Cadet 250, Zephyr 340 + 440, MS-18 440, and Grand Prix 340 + 440
    - The resemblance to a CCW is not coincidence. BSE's were manufactured in Japan by the same people who brought us CCW and Kiortz but to slightly different specs.

    1973 Exclusive use of BSE's

    - All 1973 Moto-Skis came through with BSE's.
    - 250, 340, and 440 fan engines stayed the same but were joined by a 295 twin fan, 400 twin F/A, 440 twin F/A, and a 340 triple F/A
    - The 295 was a rotax in disguise. It is the same basic motor as found in the '73 Ski-doo's and even has a "Made in Austria" tag
    - The 400, 440, and 340 triple F/A engines were also rotax engines slightly reworked
    - Models using BSE's were: Cadet 250 (fan) , Capri 295, 340, and 440 (fans), Zephyr 340 and 440 (fans), "F" 295, 340, and 440 (fans), "S" 400(F/A) and 440 (F/A), "SR" 340 F/A triple.

    1974 Writing on the Wall

    - Last year of the Japanese built BSE, actual engines changed little
    - Cadet 250, Capri 295, Futura 295, 340, and 440, Chimo 440, Grand Sport T.S. 400, Grand Sport 440

    1975- Hello Rotax

    - Last year of the BSE name.
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    I have an early axial fan single that uses rotax spin on clutch and a rotax twin rewind. Any help I can send a pic ?

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