Hello everyone
I bought a 1997 polaris xc 600 triple last year it was cheap, thats what i wanted, it was to fix something up. Anyway it was in rougher condition hoods cracked, seat has a rip, no windsheild. When i got it the choke was broken so i replaced it and put the new one in as close to equal as the old one. Before i replaced the cable it would take a couple pulls but then fire right up and run great even it cold weather, now you cant start it with out opening the plugs and spaying some gas into the cylinders then it starts and runs great. I am wondering that the choke it open to much and thats no allowing it to start. I would love to get out and go for a ride and not have to carry around a bottle of fuel to get it going each time. I want it to be a reliable sled for myself. Any suggestions?