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injector oil

This is a discussion on injector oil within the Engine forums, part of the The Performance Tuning Shop category; My friend and I have used klotz for a long time,I purchased a different sled and decided to use the Polaris synthetic this time and ...

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Thread: injector oil

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    My friend and I have used klotz for a long time,I purchased a different sled and decided to use the Polaris synthetic this time and he believes the klotz is better. Anyone have any suggestions or comparisons and is klotz that much better than the polaris synthetic.The oil I purchased is not polaris blue,it is the new synthetic by polaris.

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    its all in personal preferance, i myself prefer amsoil. as long as you pick an oil and stay with it... you will be fine

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    I like both the polaris and Klotz oils I have used both and like them both. They also make the exhaust smell good. I don't like Amsoil only because it doesnt smell as good. It isn't very enjoyable following someone that has a sled that stinks.

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    i have gata get my 2 cents in on this one. my second sled i ever owned was a 1988 indy 400 quick little sled. anyways i bought it and kept fouling plugs every 65 miles or so. I just bought what the shop told me (polaris blue) i then talked to the prevouse owned and he told me he never had one problem fouling plugs blah blah then he asked wht oil i was uning and i told him polaris oil he told me to suck it all out and run somthing called klotz.Wham problem solved idle smoother plug fouling gone better throttle responce less consumption smoother idle.I was shocked an oil could do that much.Next sled 95 indy 500 swapped it to klotz not as dramatic transformation as the 400 but was still impresssed better responce and less comsumption.. Then i got a 2000 xcsp 500 45th aniversory ves ran the polaris ves in it for a while and then swaped it to klotz not alot of diffrence, better idle about it. then my 98 xc 700 result like to 95 500 better throttle responce but the consumption got worse than with the blue it was running.then my current sled the 01 VES 800 not alot just the idle was a little smoother and the consumption was night and day diffrence.And i tore 3 motors down that have ran klotz for over 1500 miles and the bearings are better lubed the piston wash is always good the rings always look great not saying the ones that ran the other stuff didnt it just provides that much better protection.Is it exspencive, yes very for how much time there is to ride i will never owne a sled without running it.I know people will argue this but everything i have exspenced from this product has been great.I run there chaincase oils and have never found 1 spec of rust or 1 stiff link. My ves valves always come out looking great also.i do agree tho what ever oil you choose to pick stick with it.Alot of oil selection is personal prefrence i perfer klotz along with the above mentioned not to say very sled will notice this huge increase of power or better but when you ride it all the time i can tell the difrence. just my 2 cents

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    i run amsoil and ive got 6000 miles on my one sled and the engine still runs great and compression is also great. my mechanic said the engine and everything still looks great. with exhaust valves, with klotz i know that i had to clean them every 500 miles or so for some reason the way it burns or somthing gumed them up quickly, with the polaris oil that i burnded my exhaust vales gumded up quicker i noticed as well but with amsoil when i clean them they are much cleaner and i only have to do it once a year. im not saying klotz isnt good oil because if i didnt have exhaust valves i would burn it but my preference is amsoil. all 3 are decent oils i think but pick one brand and stick with not an oil expert just what my experiance with them has been.

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    as long as you dont mix synethic with normal oil you should be ok,but dont change brands often,cuz some say that you cant mix brands either.Just stick to 1 oil and use it.I changed from polaris VES2 to Amsoil synethic cuz the nearest polaris dealer is too far from me to drive for just oil.So i ran both sleds almost to the bottom b4 adding the different brand.

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    i use amsoil in my 96 xcr and every other sled ive owned no problems here.

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    Amsoil smells the same as Polaris. Klotz is good oil but smells awful. Anyone using it riding with me rides at the back of the pack. Same goes for those fruity scented oils.

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    Each person you talk to will give ya a different answer on oil. I use klotz as from what i see it leaves the bearings wetter and valves cleaner than any other oil I have used.

    I started using polaris blue, ves, vesII, ves gold, interceptor and klotz. The klotz has shown to be the cleanest of all the oils I have used.

    Each person has a different idea on what stinks.

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