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Cleaning Arctic Cat Powervalves 101

This is a discussion on Cleaning Arctic Cat Powervalves 101 within the How To forums, part of the The Performance Tuning Shop category; Figured it was time for a cleaning APV's How To guide. Reletively easy process, just nice to know what to expect if it's your first ...

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Thread: Cleaning Arctic Cat Powervalves 101

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    Figured it was time for a cleaning APV's How To guide. Reletively easy process, just nice to know what to expect if it's your first time.

    If I missed anything feel free to let me know, as it was my first time and what little I found on the net wasn't very helpful.

    I did pick up some of those sponges for cleaning dishes, but they didn't do any good at all. I didn't get the Green S.O.S. pads just because I wasn't sure if they would be hard on the polished portion of the powervalves or not.

    Tools needed

    10mm wrench or socket
    4mm allen wrench
    flat screwdriver/scraper
    brake cleaner
    shop towel/rags
    fine emery cloth

    Step 1

    Remove 4 Hex head bolts. 10mm wrench/socket.

    Attachment 137284

    Step 2

    Remove 3 inside bolts and pull out. 4mm allen wrench
    Mine took a pretty good pull to get them to pop out.

    Attachment 137282

    Attachment 137283

    Attachment 137279

    Step 3

    Valve on the side where the pin is shorter comes out first by sliding it off.

    Attachment 137280

    Step 4

    This one then slides right off.

    Attachment 137281

    I make sure each powervalve goes back in the same spot it came out. How you choose to mark them or arrange them is up to you.

    My valves came out as if they were dipped in syrup. Hit them with some brake cleaner before you start scraping off the carbon.

    I initially tried using a gasket scraper, worked good for the flat areas and the edges, but a flat head screwdriver worked alot better around the curves and tight spots. I found laying the screwdriver on it's side at a slight angle and pulling towards you, as if you were peeling a potato, worked best. Make sure not to get too wild and scratch/gouge the valves.

    Spraying them off with brake cleaner and wiping them dry while scraping get's rid of the loose stuff so you can see what's left.

    Once you get the carbon off, shine it up with some fine emery cloth. Reinstall in reverse order.

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    Good post.

    That method is valid for any NON-Firecat, APV Cat motor.

    If you have a Firecat (or any lay-down motor), you can follow the following directions.
    (*To view it better, you may have to go into the gallery, and download the original image*)

    Attachment 137285

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    Quinlan and I did a little research and found out some more info.

    All firecats powervalves are what Quinlan posted. Other then that you can get up to 3 different setups between '02-'04. One like the one I posted, one like the one Quinlan posted, and the other appears to be a combination of the two (early style outside, late style inside).


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    Nice work guys!

    Found these old threads realated to it I figured I would add to your thread
    This link is for Polaris

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    I would recommend using a box-cutter blade to scrape the valves clean. I soak mine in brake cleaner/carbeurator cleaner for about five minutes and then clean. Then took a soft disk rotary brush and used that, but was able to clean a ton off with the blade. Its sharper than the flathead screwdriver and you won't have to worry about damaging the valves.

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