If you are experiencing blown blubs or if all the lights are dim, test the voltage Regulator.

1. Put The Track on a Stand SO that is Cannot touch the ground.

2. set the voltmeter to the 25 volt AC scale. Then connect one of the voltmeter leads to a good ground.

3. Connect the other voltmeter lead to the voltage regulator YELLOW wire.

4. Have an Assistant start the sled (or do it your self) when staring the Engine do not use the throttle to increase the engine speed more then necessary.

5. Slowly increase The engine RPM and observe the Voltmeter reading. if the voltmeter indicates less then 12.5 volts or more then 15 volts. Replace it!

This is Good For the Ski-doo models from 1990 to 1995 All the formula MX's, Plus's, SS ,ST ,STX ,mach 1's ,grand tourings and Many more. probably will Work On tons of models I am Just Not positive.