Tested F7 Yesterday
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Tested F7 Yesterday

This is a discussion on Tested F7 Yesterday within the Racing forums, part of the Snowmobiles category; Buddy and I tested F7 Patriot yesterday.Set up porta tree for 500ft. Driver weight was 170 it was 43 degrees outside. This sled was not ...

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Thread: Tested F7 Yesterday

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    Buddy and I tested F7 Patriot yesterday.Set up porta tree for 500ft. Driver weight was 170 it was 43 degrees outside. This sled was not studded but had high profile track. There was no oil in gas tank and put new belt every 2 runs also gave proper cool down. Friend was very disappointed with times. I know this sled is not studded but he was still getting good hole shot.I heard yesterday the way they were getting 5.300 or 5.400 at haydays they were staged deep like 6ft back and they were PROs sleds that is a good running start.The best time of the day was 6.447 at 78mph. Remember this is box stock. I think this is a very sharp looking sled but ETs need alot of work yet. Will be testing with D&D set up next time. Have 3 more F7 to test tomorrow if it don't rain.

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    i wouldnt lose a lot of sleep since those sleds didnt do what they did at haydays, those were preproduction sleds. a lot of small changes have been made since then. anyways what you see at a race track means nothing to what you are going to see in the real world.

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    Madcow makes a great point there, those hayday sled weren't box stock sleds those were sleds those guys had a shitload of time to work on. Staging 6 feet back is a running start from hell, I wonder what those sleds would have put for et if they were starting from a normal stage position.

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    I don't think that is what madcow meant but it is true. Madcow seems to think the sleds that were at haydays were prototype sleds where as the truth is they were production sleds and many people had alreay recieved their sleds(especially dealerships with race programs). WHat they did do was clutching, studding, and prolyl a few other tricks.

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