bleeding the coolant system
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bleeding the coolant system

This is a discussion on bleeding the coolant system within the The Performance Tuning Shop forums, part of the Snowmobiles category; I changed my water pump gasket because it was leaking. I then filled it up. With the sled level, I cracked the bleeder for a ...

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Thread: bleeding the coolant system

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    I changed my water pump gasket because it was leaking.
    I then filled it up.
    With the sled level, I cracked the bleeder for a sec and antifreeze pored out.
    I let it idle for 20 mins and drove it for 5 mins.
    Then I cracked open the radiator cap and filled it again.
    I will refill the overflow also next time I am out there.

    My main question is do I have to jack up the front of the sled and crack open the bleeder on the water pump while it is running? I want to skip this because it looks like to pain to get to the bleeder now that the pipes are on. The radiator cap is the highest point in the system so I think what I already did will be good. What do you all think and what have you done? thanks!

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    When I filled mine I didnt bleed it, I have ran it for atleast an hour since then with no troubles, I did just what you did.. there is no reasons it should work becuase the air bubbles will rise

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    I've never used the bleed port on Rotax's, but what I do (not sure if it's right, per se) is fill resevoir, leave cap off, crank engine, shut-down, cap it, and bounce the sled around to move air bubbles out, uncap, run, etc. About 8-10 times I do this. Is it correct???...I'm sure not but it seems to work. Hope this helps.

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    Bleeding is a good idea especially if your heat exchangers are under the seat. Best thing to do is get it warm lift the front end, tip it from side to side and see if the bottle went down.

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    what I did was to have the pressure release on the cap in the UP position and ran the machine until I didn't see bubbles gurgling in my over flow tank anymore.
    Lucky me, I get to do this again because I found a worn spot on one of my coolant hoses and will be replacing it later today.

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    When you let air into the coolant system or when you let the pressure out of the system the easiest way to get it back to normal is to elevate the front of the sled high enough so that the coolant can run to the heat exchangers in the the tunnel. Do that, then fill up the coolant system as much as you can, start the sled and let it IDLE for about 5 minutes, then shut it off. After it cools down a little bit slowly open the coolant bottle cap and fill it again. Repeate the process untill the fluid level stays where it should.

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