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Where did everyone go?

This is a discussion on Where did everyone go? within the Off Topic forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by madcow ^^ yep in 97 6 grand got me a brand new sled and a couple grand got you a real nice ...

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Thread: Where did everyone go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madcow View Post
    ^^ yep in 97 6 grand got me a brand new sled and a couple grand got you a real nice sled and put 10k miles on it before I put a nickel into it. gas was cheap there were a million sleds out but the trails stayed a lot better then now. now theres only a handful of sleds but it seems you meet everyone of them and they are destroying the trails. we had a lol of snow in the 80' and 90's so you could go anywhere you didn't have to stick to trails.

    today the trails are a wanna be slo cross track. sleds are 12-15 grand and if you are lucky you can get 3k miles before they cost you big money. gas isn't cheap hotels aren't cheap. to go for a 3 day weekend you have to figure 300 bucks.
    This year it's cheap, and that's coming from a Canuck. I have to roll my eyes when my American friends complain about "expensive" gas, lol... I would tend to agree though. Sledding is becoming more and more of a rich mans sport, a direct correlation of the "shrinking middle class" perhaps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ski-dooer12 View Post
    Bummer to hear that Bowak! I hope your situation turns around soon before you miss out on sledding much longer!
    yeah man. I sort of wanted a little bit newer sled and still be able to get classic permits ($170 i think?) as if i bought a much newer sled the permit would be about $240. but thats ok there is a very short trail right (not even a half of km) behind my field and 2 times already ive shot out there and got back home before the authority sees me lol I think Im not going do that anymore for the rest of winter. not with a 1,000 fine plus not renewing license sticker goes for 85 bucks a fine but it is insured for sure but still not worth it so Im going to grow a halo on my head and stay off the trails.

    sorry bit out of touch with posting with quotes.

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    is Removed a Firecat fuel tank
    today.... just a little pain
    it was.
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    I try to check in but between work and barely any activity... I miss the way things use to be around here
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    is January 2016, 80 mile ride.
    Highest mileage total in 6
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    This should be made a sticky. I never was part of regular group in the past years, (too young and nervous to join in on the conversations) but I always stayed up to date with what people had going on and followed all the drama sagas as much as I shouldn't have. I'm grinning a little reading some of the things all you old timers have got to say. I worked at a plant in Detroit Lakes called BTD Manufacturing for a few years after high school where we made parts and pieces for Polaris / Arctic Cat / Toro / etc , Snowmobiles, ATV's, you name it. I made a few trips to the Polaris plant in Roseau, was a neat experience. Got out of that and currently going to school for Electrical in Wadena, MN. Very busy.

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    is Too short of a season...
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    Quote Originally Posted by flatlander_summit View Post
    Life got busy for me, I took a job that I don't have time to surf the net on a daily basis.

    I still ride, but don't get as many trips west as I used to. I still keep up with a lot of the older SF members and ride with a good majority of the ND SF members.

    One of the reasons I kept up with this site is the ownership and after it changed hands I kind of lost interest and do keep up with another forum. I did make a lot of lifelong friends through this forum.
    Nobody cares, still.
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    Just skimmed through this thread, hit me right in the feels. 5-6 years ago i was on this site non-stop and it was absolutely booming, tons of guys on here talking about everything under the sun. Then slowly guys started to fade away, and a couple years ago i followed suit. We went from making 3-4 trips a year north, down to one, and now i haven't been to Michigan in over 2 years. I remember several years ago i was expecting to get my sled over 10k miles within 2 years, still at 9500 i believe. Last trip we made i think we hit maybe 350 miles. Hell last year i barely put on 50 miles around the house, which was ended promptly when some random ass dude stopped his truck in front of me and told me to get my f****** sled off the roads(under a level 1 or 2 snow emergency, several inches covering the roads) before he called the cops on me for trespassing and this and that. So i said screw it and threw the sled back in the garage, next day our 7" turned into grass poking through so i was done.

    And now i'm at the point of where i'm leaning very hard towards selling my sled. My dad bought it for me when i was 11 and i've been very anal about keeping it in perfect condition, and its a VERY clean sled. But its showing its age. Clutches need re-built. Skid needs re-built, all the shocks need re-built, track is getting wore out, and now the carbs need re-built as they're squirting fuel into the air box. It still runs as good as ever, but the rest of the sled is flat wore out. Hell its 16 years old and damn near 10k miles and its almost 100% original so its to be expected. And now the smallest sled in our group other than mine is my brothers Switchback 144" 600. We're currently talking about taking a trip to the U.P. in 2 weeks, but i think i'm gonna sit it out too. Its just crazy to spend all this money to fix the sled, which will still leave me with a short track 500 that can't keep up with all the bigger sleds. And then i'll only ride it for a few days, and back to sitting till next winter.

    I'd give anything in the world to go back to when i was a kid and we would average over 1k miles a year all over lower and upper Michigan, plus a bunch of riding here at home. But those days are gone and not coming back anytime soon. Its hard for me to sell out because i love riding so much, i've been around sleds since i was born and was given my Kitty Cat before i turned 2. Its not worth fixing my sled, i can't justify buying a "new" one, and i'm not gonna pay out the ass for rental so i'm pretty much done.
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    I don't have anywhere near the passion I used to have for sledding. I still like to ride, but I'm nowhere near as die-hard as I used to be.
    Sheboygan WI

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    Well yesterday was a sad day I sold my snowmobile to help get my truck fixed and pay some bills so for the time being I'm out of the sports and with some hope to buy another sled in the late fall. I will still come in here once in a while to read and post sometimes.

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    ^^ A true fanatic would have sold the truck to support the sled.. ^^

    Just busting balls, that blows.. I hope your finances improve and you can get back into sledding.

    Myself, the choice sled is still on the lift and waiting for conversion parts. Might actually get to ride it this year, seeing as the winter looks like it is going to hold out, and, if I can find the parts I need soon..

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    is let it snow
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    sold my sled yesterday, didn't want to but lost the trans in my truck,and needed cash to get a new truck . I'll pick up something cheap this summer and try again next year
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