Hello I am selling a package deal, 2 sleds with a trailer and some extra goodies! Blue sled - 2004 Polaris XC700, 7518 miles, reverse, luggage bags, MBRP exhaust, 3 inch handlebar risers, hookup for heated shieldRed sled - 2002 Polaris XC700, 5972 miles, stock, windshield bag, hookup for heated shieldTrailer - 2002 R&R tilt trailer, new tires, good bearings, LED lights all work, spare tire, bar locks for sledsI also am throwing in both owners manuals, 1 cover, extra belts for each machine, stock exhaust from the 2004, spark plugs, oil, and coolant. I also have a helmet, jacket, and boots for the right price I can throw in.Registered through 2022Price is $5500 o.b.o
Located In Lansing, Michigan.
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