Clutch rebuild needed?
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Clutch rebuild needed?

This is a discussion on Clutch rebuild needed? within the Polaris forums, part of the Brand Specific Snowmobile Discussion category; Is is typical for the clutch give a light snap when it engages? I've never heard it in any other sled, but this xcr is ...

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Thread: Clutch rebuild needed?

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    Is is typical for the clutch give a light snap when it engages?
    I've never heard it in any other sled, but this xcr is not like any other sled I've had before. Also seems to rev a little high to engage.
    How much will a rebuild cost?

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    No that sounds like it's sticking, the side buttons or centre bushing are probably worn out or the centre bushing is full of dirt.
    I had the local Polaris dealer take care of mine since I don't have the special tools to take the clutch apart, it wasn't expensive.

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    is anyone know of any place that
    builds race legal clutch

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    I'm having all new bushings put in mine right now. At first mine would stick a little and engage high so I cleaned it. It was still sticking and engaging at 5 grand, when I shut my sled off you could here the spring pop all the way back out with the clutch. I didn't think it would be all the expensive until I looked up how much it would cost for a bushing kit on Parts Unlimited. Some can be over $200 according to the website, either way though it had to be done. What exactly does your sled engage at? Your sled will engage higher and will have snap being a triple.

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    Mine did that, spider was all chopped up. My weights, bushings, and springs where all done aswell. Cost me about 340$ to replace my clutch and the components,

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    Your looking at over $100.00 just in parts for a roller rebuild kit and that doesn't include any replaceable bushings or weights. Just parts alone can run close to $175.00 and then there is labor. Most dealers will just say it needs a complete rebuild.

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