1998 XC 700 Suspension Swap
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1998 XC 700 Suspension Swap

This is a discussion on 1998 XC 700 Suspension Swap within the Polaris forums, part of the Brand Specific Snowmobile Discussion category; OK XC Owners....I am in the process of swapping out the Xtra 10 rear suspension on a 1998 XC 700 to a 2002 Edge suspension ...

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Thread: 1998 XC 700 Suspension Swap

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    1998 XC 700 Suspension Swap

    OK XC Owners....I am in the process of swapping out the Xtra 10 rear suspension on a 1998 XC 700 to a 2002 Edge suspension and putting on rail extensions to make it a 136. I went to JB Shocks website and printed the skid mounting template....measure twice (really about 5x - LOL) drilled new holes and dry fitted the skid/track. Everything lines up, BUT I can see I am going to have too much track (about 4"). At first, I thought the track was too long, but after looking up the track number up, it is indeed a 136". I again checked my dimensions and everything is as stated per the Edge skid mounting template on JBShocks site. I'm pretty much baffled at this point. Any thoughts where I may have made my mistake? Thanks!!

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    Welcome. Great to see someone modding and keeping the old iron alive.

    Do you have the driveshaft in and all the wheels on the skid to "tension" the track? Smaller driver's by chance? Were the extensions new? If not are they maybe not 136" extensions, maybe 133"? I believe they should be around 7.5" beyond the end of 121" rails, although I may very well be wrong. If you followed JB's measurements and all is correct with the rail extensions, then the track can not be a true 136".

    I went through this whole process about 7 yrs ago on a '99 so I know what you are up against. I went as far as removing the tunnel coolers and went with flush mount coolers in the rear of the tunnel and ran a Camo Cobra track. There should be some pics in my profile someplace.

    Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress.

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    ^^^^ what he said ^^^^
    I've done a few swaps such as you are doing. There is a little "wiggle" room in the dimensions. I experimented with an 00 XC 600 by moving the the skid a bit deeper (up) in the tunnel on the front torque arm and a little more rearward on both torque arms in order to obtain a better attack angle on the track. It worked out but don't recall the dimensions. Still have the sled along with a 98 XCR 440 with an Edge skid. Also, you can run the track much looser than Polaris spec. I have 1 1/2" of free hang with no weight hanging on the track. Good Luck. You'll be happy with the ride once finished.
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    WhiteXC - Tensioners couldn't even get the track close to snug. The track is a new Camo Ripsaw 9113C - so I'm sure that is not the problem. Original drivers were left on the driveshaft. Rail extensions I bought from a dealer, but I can double check that........pretty sure they are for a 136" extension as the person I bought them from is very knowledgeable. I'll update as I know more.

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