Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a problem I'm having with my XCR 600 triple. So this problem goes back probably 20 years and this is the reason it was parked and replaced with a different sled. Since that one finally blew up I was thinking about trying to get the triple running to ride for the rest of the season. The problem with the sled is that random cylinders will stop firing. If I shut the sled off and check spark on the cylinder that isn't firing it will have spark every time. I've tried cleaning the carbs twice in the past 3 days and that seemed to help it a little bit. I've tried new plugs, cleaned carbs, checked over the fuel pump, pulled the plugs on the bottom of the crank case to see if it was flooding and it wasn't, swapped plug wires to see if it would move cylinders and it didn't. The last thing I tried was when the middle cylinder was not firing, switched the carb from the clutch side to the middle but it confused me even more becuase then the mag side stopped firing. I was wondering if anyone had any more suggestions on what I could try because I am running out of ideas. Sorry if this post was a little confusing