Been around ATV's all my life and decided to grab an older sled to tinker with. Just bought a 96 Vmax 500 with 1800 miles on her. Starts rite up on 1st to 2nd pull and runs pretty well so far. Havent logged in many miles as of yet. She breaks up a little bit on the mid to 3/4 throttle. She did sit for some time. Am hopeful the fresh fuel will help, worst case ill go through the carbs.

Pretty sure she will need a new track as the lugs look pretty low but I really have no reference as its my 1st sled. She will only be used for lake and some light trail duty. I have no desire to go mach1 at this point in my life, so I am hopeful this machine will fit the bill.

Any specific problems with this model I should keep an eye and ear out for?

Thanks in advance.