I love these old Indy 500 EFIs
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I love these old Indy 500 EFIs

This is a discussion on I love these old Indy 500 EFIs within the Vintage forums, part of the Snowmobiles category; my 92 that burnt in my shop fire 3 yrs ago had just over 15,000 when it was destroyed. same Spark plugs too! I had ...

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Thread: I love these old Indy 500 EFIs

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    I love these old Indy 500 EFIs

    my 92 that burnt in my shop fire 3 yrs ago had just over 15,000 when it was destroyed. same Spark plugs too! I had changed em once when on a warm spring ride.put some colder plugs in. but then the next fall.put the originals back in. i bought it from Original owner and it had 12,000 on it.for $500.00 he polished it steady. I put reverse on it and a passenger seat for grandson. Insurance adjustor paid me $2500 for it.
    then 3 yrs ago i found another 92 and it was too tough to keep. sold it to a friend who just wanted a $1000 sled
    then last March of 2016 i found the 93 i have now with 1900 miles. on the clock. had reverse.always in a shed.but hadnt run dam near 20 yrs.got it for $300. drained the old old fuel and blew out the injection system, installed my Gold Wing Battery and some Premium gas mixed 30 to one with Polaris oil..i had already WD40 the cylinders ,turned it over many times with plugs out. put the same factory plugs in it. gave it 3 pulls and it idles like new? greased it all. removed the clutches and cleaned em. then took for its only ride in a field behind my house.still havnt rode it this yr..not enough snow yet? heres pics of the two sleds.
    i also have a 2006 Fusion that i took on trade on my old RV last summer.only rode it around the block .
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    Nice sleds.
    I like the color combo on the 2006HO. I have the blue and black one.
    Currently at the Hobby House....
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    It's cool! Classical desing of the 90'.
    To want to, is to be able to.

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    Help - I have a 1992 indy 500 EFI - Just drained the tank new gas added seafoam new battery and it started right up after sitting 3 years. Problem is bogging like you have discussed many times. It bogs when I give gas at the start. If I Can get the revs up it screams. Slow down and it bogs out. I read many of your forums but I have not yet read the cure. Can you assist please. Ohh and like the others starts with half a pull and idles like its summertime. just bogs out of the gate.
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