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1995 Polaris Rxl help need.

This is a discussion on 1995 Polaris Rxl help need. within the Vintage forums, part of the Snowmobiles category; Great!!!...

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Thread: 1995 Polaris Rxl help need.

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    Pence WI

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    Good find. Hopefully that was your issue and thanks for posting....you will likely save someone a headache at some point so long as they know what google is.
    Polaris...it IS the way out!

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    Good find! Ride on - we're out of snow on the west coast so I'm going to check my relays and wait for next winter while catching a salmon or two. But I think an auxiliary marine alternator will be my repair to keep voltage in speck is necessary.

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    Maybe you've fixed this in the meantime, but I had a similar problem with my 1995 Indy Trail Touring. What fixed it (finally) was replacing the throttle safety switch. It's located in the handlebar assembly and it's designed to kill the engine if the throttle cable sticks when you're going fast but the engine doesn't respond and slow down. If you release thumb pressure on the throttle and the cable goes slack without the engine slowing down it will kill the engine. I think over time the cable stretches causing this to happen. My machine would start right up but then would run erratically or not at all once it warmed up a bit. It seemed to run fine in warmer weather but worse in cold weather, perhaps because the cable would change its length with different temperatures.
    I had the dealer diagnose and fix it but it cost around $300 (mostly labor). Good luck.

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    that is where I started actually. So when the issue happened I measured Ohms and volts through the TSS and it tested good.
    ‘Thanks for the heads up though.

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    HELL :)
    Mine runs long enough to get you back in the bush quits nothing will start it so you tow it back and then it starts 2nd pull Runs great tries to convince you to do it again
    I'm about to go on a diagnostic voyage of discovery,got the computer cable,going today to get a fuel pressure guage,taking out the airbox,pulling fuel tank checking pickup,got a new battery,installing new filter,unplugging and cleaning dielectric grease plugs.
    then hooking up my laptop and seeing whats up.
    Then again mine sat in a garage with the cover on it for 24 years
    Hopefully it doesn't need a sensor because not sure there available also
    can anyone recommend a adjustable ebay fuel regulator that they have successfully used
    where can I find a drop resister ?

    advice on these matters welcomed

    lets keep in touch

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