camoplast ice studded tracks
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camoplast ice studded tracks

This is a discussion on camoplast ice studded tracks within the Suspension and Chassis forums, part of the The Performance Tuning Shop category; can anyone tell me how the camoplast tracks are with the little ice studs in the lugs are. some people say they are good and ...

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Thread: camoplast ice studded tracks

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    can anyone tell me how the camoplast tracks are with the little ice studs in the lugs are. some people say they are good and work great. but me im not sure. they dont look like they would grip all that well cause they only stick out like a 1/16" or 1/8". but if someone could tell me how they hook up and how they are compared to a regular camoplast track with 144 studs in it. that would be great thanks

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    Seen a test comparing non studded to the ice ripper to a conventionally studded track with 144 studs on snomobile tv once. The ice ripper needed one extra sled length to stop over the studded track. So it isnt quite as good but it does save a big hassle in studding your track and having to deal with possible pullouts.

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    There are just too many questions left to be answered about those tracks. They are relativley new.
    Mine would be stud wear- how long before they wear down and you back to having a standard track, ripping off lugs and longetivity of track.

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    camoplast is a great company, and i don't think they would put out a bad product.
    that being said there are several things to think about with these tracks.
    Don't have to buy studs
    don't have to drill and install studs
    don't have to worry about tearouts

    may not have as much traction as 144 studs (more than 96 though)
    may not last as long in rough conditions (though you are supposed to be able to take it to a tire shop that installs studs in tires and get them fixed)
    may come out

    but as to your question about length, proper sized studs don't stick down much more than these do.

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