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  1. FOR SALE: 1979 Kawasaki Invader 340 Liquid Cooled

    I have a vintage 1979 Kawasaki invader 340 for sale! This sled is also liquid cooled. Starts in a couple pulls, very responsive to throttle, no backfires, no bogging. The lights all work on it as well as the hand and thumb warmers. The seat is in great condition with no tears either. It has a...
  2. Vintage sleds for sale - RUNNING

    We have a few vintage sleds in nice working condition for sale; get them before the snow comes! (Located in Elk River, MN) 1986 Polaris Indy Trail - 488cc Original seat, hood, suspension all in AMAZING near-mint condition. Carbs and belt are clean and good. The only real downside is the...
  3. 88 enticer 340; Unsure whether to fix or sell

    Hi everyone! I am new to the site so this is my first post. I have an 88 (I Believe) yamaha enticer 340 long track and the crank seals let go in it the other day and it wont sustain enough vaccum to pull gas into the carb. unfortunate because the sled only has 2500 origonal miles and is fairly...
  4. 1997 puma need help

    I bought a 97 puma 340 deluxe an it has 1,600 miles on it I paid 600$ for it so I'm asking if I paid to much or not enough, also I cant get it started. I filled it up with gas turned the gas valve on an the gas won't come from the tank hose to the valve then to the fuel pump. Any suggestions on...
  5. 1980 polaris apollo 340

    Just picked this sled up. It's in great shape for the age. I cleaned the carbs. New fuel filter. New spark plugs. It runs great. The track is the only thing that has me worried. It's in ok shape for now but the size is hard to find. 15x 115. The pitch I'm not sure of yet. I can't find a...