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500 efi

  1. 1998 arctic cat zr 500

    Arctic Cat
    I might buy this sled Monday pr tomorrow night I'd greatly appreciate a quick response. This is the craigslist description the guy said the body has 5k on it an the engine has less then 3k apparently 1998 zr500 body with a 1999 500 efi motor in it. Bought from original owner. Shocks rebuilt...
  2. 1997 Polaris 500 EFI Bogging Issues

    Hello Everyone, I have a 97 500 EFI that is my pride and joy. I've had it since '98 when I bought it with only 93 miles on it. Today I just turned 5000 miles on this machine. Until now, this sled has given me nothing but pleasure and wide smiles. So here is the issues that has started for...
  3. 92 polaris 500 efi injection problems

    User Blog Entries
    hi, i am having troubles with my 500 polaris efi. The engine was just rebuilt and it ran strong for a few days and died on the trail. It has spark and good compression. The ECU flashes code 22 at me (pto side injector), and the injectors do not inject gas. The polaris dealership by me lent me a...