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  1. pantera 580 to 800 triple swap! need some advice please!!

    Hey everyone, I have a 1998 pantera 580 EFI with a blown motor, got the sled off a family member, they stripped it of the motor and efi components, it is a 2 up sled with a good track and overall in good shape, I have a 1997 zrt800 that needs a track and other various things, I was gonna pull...
  2. 580 xlt vs 600 xlt

    Hi guys back again.I just picked up a 580 case /crank that came with clutch, mag, stator, coils. And pistons, though the mag side is burnt. Can I drop the 600 cylinders on this block? Was there a difrence in stroke or bore. Basicly they look the same. But I'm not going to put all my egges in the...
  3. Wtb psi twin pipes

    Parts and Accessories
    Wtb psi twin pipes with stingers, must fit arctic cat 580 engines, text 507-828-8694