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  1. Polaris
    I’ve got a 2004 Polaris Edge XC SP 600. All stock. I’ve cleaned the carburetor & changed the spark plugs, but the sled will bog/hesitate & then backfire when I’m riding. It only happens when I let go of the throttle, and then begin to accelerate again. Any suggestions for me? Rejet? Screws...
  2. Polaris
    Hi guys, i have a 2001 Polaris Edge X 600. It is mildly modded, has a Aaen Single pipe, vforce reeds, ported and polished cylinders, slp intake and a billet head. It has 4200 miles and has always ran great. I was riding it Friday and noticed it wasn't running as good as normal( wouldn't reach...
1-2 of 2 Results