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  1. 600 RMK versatility?

    Hey all, just had a question about the 600 RMK. I want to get my wife a new sled, but she has already expressed that she thinks the 800 rmk, that i ride, is too much power and is quite frankly a little scary for her. She also does a fair bit of trail riding so I'm not thinking the 800 is good...
  2. Polaris 600HO Carb Engine (BMP 701 Kit) - $1,400 or Offer

    Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    Fresh-built Polaris 600HO carb engine with a 701 big bore kit (bored, ported, new pistons/head, etc). Engine professionally built by BMP Bikeman Performance in Wisconsin. It was tested and confirmed to make a true 146hp on Bikeman's dyno and runs on pump premium fuel. Basically new engine...
  3. 2006 Polaris Switchback 600 H.O.

    Has anyone ever had/ridden a 2006 switchback 600? Is the high output 600 much different from just the 600 in 2005? I am looking at upgrading to this one. Here's the ad: Thanks.
  4. 2005 Sabercat 600 running strange.

    My arctic cat sabercat 600 is making a strange noise while riding. It's sort of a buzzing noise when I accelerate and occasionally when going up a hill the acceleration cuts out for a second or two. Someone please give me answers, thanks!
  5. 580 xlt vs 600 xlt

    Hi guys back again.I just picked up a 580 case /crank that came with clutch, mag, stator, coils. And pistons, though the mag side is burnt. Can I drop the 600 cylinders on this block? Was there a difrence in stroke or bore. Basicly they look the same. But I'm not going to put all my egges in the...
  6. 01 mxz 600 vs 97 mxz 670

    So I'm looking at both these sleds the 600 has just under 4k on it and and the guy is asking $1800 for it the 670 has around the same number if miles and the guy is also asking $1800. I was wondering what the differance between the 600 and the 670 is. Is one of them better? More reliable? Easier...
  7. Slp vs jaws? And set up?

    So i just bought a 2014 indy 600. I have close to 600 miles on it. im debating to get a slp silencer or jaws i need feedback(i know i want the trail silencer not the race). Do i have to do something to the timing with the can? Or is it just a throw it on and go deal with the newer sleds?
  8. 2002 Pro X 600 - slowly losing coolant...?

    I purchased a 2002 Pro X 600 with 3500 on it this past summer; really like the sled so far and it runs strong. The issue I am having is I appear to be slowly losing a small amount of coolant over a week or so, as the level in the bottle is going down slightly over this time frame. In doing...
  9. 93 Polaris xlt sp 600 triple

    Hello all, Have a 93 xlt 600 Triple with the monoblock engine and need a head gasket. Before I go tracking one down, was there a non-monoblock engine for this model year? The gasket kits I've seen look different from kit to kit and just say they are designed for the 1993-1994 xlt sp. Could...
  10. Spark plug size.

    I have a 1997 xlt 600 limited. I think I have the wrong spark plug size. I am using br9es but I fouled different plug each time I ride. Only reason I am using that size is bc that's what was in it. Carbs are all the same I know it's not the carb setting. I found on ngk web site that br8es is...
  11. Coolant Bleeder valve?

    Hello all, Had another question on my 93 polaris XLT sp 600 triple. I recently completed a coolant system flush and refill. My service manual is a bit vague and the pictures are pretty terrible but it shows a bleeder valve on the top or side of the water pump. I don't see one and the...