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  1. 1992 440 prowler 4000 rpm idle

    Hello I have been messing with the carbs for a while on my 92 440 prowler to try and get the idle back down but I cant seem to get anything to work. The air screw is about 2 turns out on both carbs and the idle doesnt change much if I turn them eith way. Ive cleaned out the carbs twice very...
  2. FOR SALE - 2002 Arctic Cat ZL600EFI and Triton Trailer - $2500 obo West Chester, PA

    2002 Arctic Cat ZL600EFI. Garage Kept, very clean, no seat tears, ArcticFx Graphics, Low Flamed windshield, 2" Powermadd bar riser, factory arctic cat cover, heated grips and throttle, extra skid plate. Track is in good shape. Starts up second pull every time. Sled has approx. 5600 miles and...
  3. Fox Float 3 Evol. FOR SALE! NEW IN BOX!

    Suspension, Shocks, Handlebars, and Risers
    I have two brand new sets of Fox Float 3 Evol with a pressure gauge included with them. Anything with a 42" suspension with is basically and Arctic Cat sleds 2012 and up in the procross chassis the proclimb chassis is a little narrow or wide for them. Let me know if you are interested. You can...
  4. 2004 Sno Pro 440 missing EGT Sensor. Help

    Arctic Cat
    Hi I just bought a sno pro 440 and noticed that instead of the EGT sensor there is just a bolt plugging the exhaust. The sled runs great and has lots of power. Any idea if this is a bad idea to run it without a EGT sensor?? Will this prevent my sled from running in limp mode if required? Does...
  5. 1998 arctic cat zr 500

    Arctic Cat
    I might buy this sled Monday pr tomorrow night I'd greatly appreciate a quick response. This is the craigslist description the guy said the body has 5k on it an the engine has less then 3k apparently 1998 zr500 body with a 1999 500 efi motor in it. Bought from original owner. Shocks rebuilt...
  6. 1997 puma need help

    I bought a 97 puma 340 deluxe an it has 1,600 miles on it I paid 600$ for it so I'm asking if I paid to much or not enough, also I cant get it started. I filled it up with gas turned the gas valve on an the gas won't come from the tank hose to the valve then to the fuel pump. Any suggestions on...
  7. 03 F7 not reaching full speed

    Arctic Cat
    My 03 F7 is only reaching 78mph and staying at that speed. RPMs are running high but it dosnt seem it's going through all it's stages to get me my max speed. It has a secondary clutch and I just put a new belt on. Don't understand why it only stays at 78 and the engine just seems it's whining...
  8. Electrical Issues SaberCat 600

    Arctic Cat
    Hey all, first time posting on here in years, had to make a new profile. Anyway, My SaberCat is having issues. The instruments and lights went out on me and the sled is running terribly. Is this due to the EFI not working? I am going to start by checking over all the grounds and connections...
  9. 1997 arctic cat jag carb conversion

    Arctic Cat
    I have a 97 jag440 dlx and I was trying to get a little more power out of it. Has anybody triedtto put the dule carburetor manifold off a zr, z, or zl 440? Will it work. I noticed its almost the same engine. Thanks
  10. Track questions and problems

    Arctic Cat
    :confused: I got a track at haydays this year and it is a 1.25" track with 1.375: studs. The guy said he took it off his 04 rev a believe, if i remember right. he said it would fit polaris cat and skido and said the pitch was 2.52. I was planning on putting it on my 1997 zr 440 but when i put...
  11. Vintage Cheetah ride on Sunday

    Took my friend Susie over to the field, sorry for the shaky camera...
  12. 2000 arctic cat powder special 600 efi accelerating problem bogging after high speed

    Hey Guys, so I have a problem with my arctic cat 600 efi powder special when I punch it from a dead stop it takes about 4 secs of slight bogging to accelerate and get up to speed then once it does get up to speed if I let off the throttle at all and try to punch it again it bogs and stays at...
  13. Wtb psi twin pipes

    Parts and Accessories
    Wtb psi twin pipes with stingers, must fit arctic cat 580 engines, text 507-828-8694
  14. 550 580 swap

    Arctic Cat
    I'm relatively new to this forum, I was wondering how difficult it would be to swap over a 580 top end *single exhaust port* to my 550 lower, also how much performance would this gain. Reliability? Clutching?
  15. Black magic pipes

    Arctic Cat
    I found a set of black magic pipes and I have been looking for a pair for a while now and I was wondering what a good price is on them. The guy has them for sale for 275$ I was thinking I could get him down too about 200$ for them. Do you need to do anything to your sled if you change the...