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  1. Arctic Cat
    Hey all, I'm fairly new here and have just been browsing to see if anyone here has the same issues or had the same issues. I inherited a 2001 Arctic Cat Zr800 Carbureted model from my father who passed a few years back. He had bought it blown up, rebuilt it with what I was told are beefier...
  2. Engine
    Hello everyone I can not find any carb specs for this snowmobile anywhere. If anyone knows what the specs for these carbs would be if you could please reply to my discussion that would be very helpful. I have the proper jet sizes but I am not sure the slot on the needle and other air/fuel...
  3. General
    hey hoping someone can help. I took off my carbs to give them a clean as my sled wouldn’t start. Once I got them back together it took a bit of tuning as it was very lean at first. Got the sled running good at idle and anything above 7 grand but anywhere below it will start to bog out making a...
  4. Polaris
    Ok. So, I've been working on my brother's sled. It is a 1996 Polaris 600 XLT SP. At the end of last season it would not idle on its own. So here's what I've done and I'll follow up with what it is still doing. Sorry, it's going to be long. I pulled all three carbs. All three Pilot jets were...
1-4 of 4 Results