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  1. Flat slide carb needles

    Desperately seeking new or excellent condition needles for mikuni flat slide for 99 polaris xlt 600 willing to pay $100 for excellent condition used.
  2. Backfire through carbs and looses power.

    Arctic Cat
    I have a 91 El Tigre EXT 530 and it started backfiring through the carbs and looses power until it completely dies. I've cleaned the carbs and replace the plugs. any ideas?
  3. 96 yamaha vmax 600xt wet spark plugs

    I've been trying to figure this out sense i bought it two months ago and no luck. it runs great starts in one pull, drives like it should, but when i pull the spark plugs out there drenched with oil and gas and obviously gets really bad mpg. i checked the float bowl level it looks about right...
  4. Mikuni carburetor filter/air cleaner for 80 TXL

    What filter/air cleaner would you recommend for mikuni carbs on an 1980 Polaris TX-L and who has them? The previous owner of my sled gutted the airbox so it is pretty much useless.