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  1. Noob needs help with clutch!

    So I am new to snowmobiles. I just got a 2004 Polaris 600 Edge Touring with about 4600 miles on it. Every time I rode lately, when I started from a stop, I heard this popping noise from the clutch side. Today, it felt like I had no power, and I smelled the belt burning a bit. I think it is...
  2. Nytro Clutch kits

    Been looking at different clutch kits for my Nytro. Wondering if anyone has installed one and if they noticed a difference or if its just a waste of money.
  3. 89 Phazer Clutch issue?

    I have a 89 Phazer with 12,600 mile on it. Yeah that's a bunch. Anyway I cleaned the carbs and put new oil and fuel lines on it. Runs real good… But it will only go about 50mph. Right out of the hole she'll do about 60 but then it just won't do more than 50. It takes off and runs good no...
  4. Brakes Sticking hard after let off on throttle! NEED HELP! HURRY!

    Hey everyone, I pulled the sled out of the shop for the first time this year. 2009 Polaris RMK Shift 600 w/ 155" track. I just bought the machine this year, actually a month ago. As I began to test ride the machine, it was pulling hard when I let off the throttle. To the point it, it made...
  5. 680 Ultra Clutch mishap

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hi guys, so basically today I was trying to pull the clutch off my 680 motor with a triple jaw puller (which now I realize wasn't the smartest idea) I ended up taking out a chunk out of the faceplate of the clutch. Now I know these clutches are balanced from the factory and the have the...