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  1. Vintage
    Hello, New here and i am stumped on this sled.. i really need some help or input from you guys.. I have a 1978 yamaha ET 250.. and i'm having spark problems. This is the scenario... Sled will run fine.. all day long until you shut it off... when it is shut off it will not start again. the plug...
  2. General
    Hello i have recently been working on my Indy 400 and ran into the problem of different plugins for this application. My sled's cdi coil plug in is the one with two male's and one female on it. now my question is whats the differences between these cdi boxes and didn't realize that the wires are...
  3. General
    I recently purchased a 93 Skandic with 1700km on the odometer. It starts fine and initially runs well with good power, after approx 30 minutes it will lose power and appear to run on on cylinder, it will occasionally run again with full power but often not run again properly until it has cooled...
1-3 of 3 Results