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  1. Vintage
    I recently bought a 1972 Polaris colt 22 with a 295. It has been sitting for who knows how long. I cleaned the points and have good spark on both plugs and I am using an external gas tank. I also cleaned the carbs. I cannot get the thing to fire up. All it does is shoot fire balls out the...
  2. Vintage
    need advice on them anything will help, ordered new seals and gaskets
  3. Vintage
    Guys, I am trying to save this old sled from getting parted out our scrapped. I have owned this sled for two years and is perfect for riding the two little ones around the yard. Small nimble and not over powering for the yard. Pulled it out last night and started it up. Ran with a little bit...
  4. Vintage
    I have a 1977 Polaris Colt 340 SS the light were working up until last year. There is no voltage coming from the main wiring harness on any pin at the motor. The tachometer and the speedometer are both working. I replace the single wire regulator so far and still nothing. I saw on ebay they...
1-4 of 4 Results