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  1. General
    either decker,dynoport,slp high rpm version or psi modblaster
  2. Arctic Cat
    Hi I just bought a sno pro 440 and noticed that instead of the EGT sensor there is just a bolt plugging the exhaust. The sled runs great and has lots of power. Any idea if this is a bad idea to run it without a EGT sensor?? Will this prevent my sled from running in limp mode if required? Does...
  3. General
    I know this is such a general topic to ask about and it gets talked about a lot. But I am personal suck on what exhaust to choose. I have looked and looked and have decided to choose from one of the following. I am looking for something aggressive and actually kind of loud. List as stated...
  4. Polaris
    I have been looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 93 750 Storm but cant find much info on any pipes at all. What pipes does everyone like on these early storms? Any numbers or facts would be nice. The sled is moderately modified. And will get more mods later so I'm looking for race pipes...
  5. General
    On my 1996 storm 800 I sanded and repainted the exhaust. My question is, do I need to put the heat shield cover things back on? It looks nice with out the covers on it, and I was wondering if I could just leave them off, or will too much heat escape?
  6. Ski-Doo
    Can't get exhaust "can" off Ski-Doo 550F Ski-Doo 550F 2009 Just bought it, so sad to see a pool of injection oil under it a week later. I hear they have issue with oil container leaking or lid not fitting. BUT: I don't see any dripping down... but it is SO hard to see under there SO...
1-6 of 6 Results