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  1. 1993 Polaris XLT help...sat for 3 years Need maintenance/tune-up lists and a miracle

    Well I just became the proud but very frustrated owner of a far from functional 93 xlt. I should mention I know nothing about snowmobiles, carburetors, or 2 stroke engines. I can build a Japanese V6 no problem but honestly I feel like a fat kid at jenny craig working on this sled. I should take...
  2. help 1994 polaris indy 650

    Can you please help me I have a polaris 1994 indy 650 liquid cooled, and been trounle shooting it allot wont idle but will run with back fire, and flames out tthe carb intake and exhaust, went through the engin cleaned the carbs and rebuilt the fuel pump fuel is getting to the engine good so...