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  1. Vintage
    I have been looking at getting a snowmobile to ride for the winter and I found a 1990 indy 400 that doeant have reverse and I want a reverse. I have been looking everywhere on Google and YouTube for a reverse on a 1990 indy 400 but I can't find anything. So I was wondering if anybody knew what...
  2. Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    I need either a new or used water pump for my 87 Polaris indy 400. blew it up out on the trails and overheated the motor. also I could use 2 new or used but in good condition front shocks for the same sled. blew one of those up also. Thank you!
  3. Polaris
    :confused:What is the difference between a early 2000 rmk 600 and a 98 rmk indy 600? Here is the link to the indy 1998 rmk indy 600 price reduce Any info is welcome! thnx:cool:
  4. Polaris
    I got a free 86 indy 400 with 2800 miles on it and in real good shape. I rebuilt the carbs, replaced all the gas and oil lines. I bought an oil pump for it It didn't seem to be working. The new one pumps it but it's hard to tell at idle how much she's sucking/pumping. I checked the output by...
1-4 of 4 Results