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  1. General
    hey hoping someone can help. I took off my carbs to give them a clean as my sled wouldn’t start. Once I got them back together it took a bit of tuning as it was very lean at first. Got the sled running good at idle and anything above 7 grand but anywhere below it will start to bog out making a...
  2. Parts and Accessories
    I have lots of Polaris Indy Parts for XLT's XC's 440's 500's ect. I have pay pal and ship to the lower 48.
  3. Polaris
    Hey guys, Im new to the sport and have been looking to buy a used sled, looking at polais indys. Ive found a few that im looking at and hoping i could get some opinions from experienced people. 1995 indy polaris 600 special 8K km All original parts, always stored indoors Rip in the seat...
1-3 of 3 Results