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  1. The Performance Tuning Shop
    so im looking to get more power out of my sled. i have a 2009 iq shift 600 thats an off breed because in 09 they are cfi but mine in carb anyways its time for a crank shaft and im thinking about putting 700 cylinders and pistons in it as well for more power does anyone know if the 700 cylinders...
  2. The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hey guys, a friend of mine just picked up an 05 IQr 440 with what I believe is an 03 pro x 600 motor. It was running like crap at first, popping and backfiring after about 1/4 throttle, flames out the pipe and everything. Noticed the exhaust smelled sweet and plugs had coolant on them so we...
1-2 of 2 Results