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  1. Polaris
    so planning on bringing my old girl to a reputable shop as I'm having an issue with her but figured I would ask here first. I did read through a few of the old threads but didn't find anything that matched my symptoms. so what i have is a 1993 xlt 580 sp with slp triple pipes its a snow...
  2. Engine
    Well I just became the proud but very frustrated owner of a far from functional 93 xlt. I should mention I know nothing about snowmobiles, carburetors, or 2 stroke engines. I can build a Japanese V6 no problem but honestly I feel like a fat kid at jenny craig working on this sled. I should take...
  3. Polaris
    I have a 96 xlt 600 in the wedge chassis. Just got a bunch of parts for it, like to make it a half decent sled. Here's what I'm looking for help with- LMR triple pipes- how can I contact the company I find out what I need to do for adjustments, like jetting and clutching. I cant find the...
1-3 of 3 Results