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  1. In need of a template!

    Suspension and Chassis
    I am trying to swap a 2000 xc 600 suspension to an Edge suspension. Im definitely in need of a template and/or some assistance. [email protected]
  2. WiseGuys Grass/Snow Drags

    Pictures and videos from this past weekends drags. The track is located in Nunda, NY and is 300' long.
  3. 08 polaris iq 600 shift bugging past half throttle

    08 polaris iq 600 shift bogging past half throttle I have an 08 shift 600 and i have done just about everything with the carb setting wise. the jets i have in it are the stock ones so 400 main, 50 pilot, and 145 slow jet or whatever the other one is called. the fuel/air mixture screw is in...
  4. 1995 Polaris XLT Seat Foam

    Anyone know if the seat foam off a 1998 Polaris XC 700 would fit in the seat pan of my 1995 Polaris XLT SKS? My seat foam was shredded by a skunk and needs replaced (there is nothing left of it). Searching Ebay I came across the 1998 foam and it's in great condition but I don't want to purchase...
  5. Polaris Wedge and Evolved parts

    Parts and Accessories
    I have lots of Polaris Indy Parts for XLT's XC's 440's 500's ect. I have pay pal and ship to the lower 48.
  6. Build Polaris Machines

    User Blog Entries
    Help build the machines you love to use, year around. If you live in or around Osceola, WI or Roseau, MN or would consider moving to Roseau, MN to work at Polaris, we have fantastic opportunities to do so. The Roseau, MN Location comes with a significant relocation package and sign on bonus...
  7. 97 440 XCR Edge problems

    So I went out and bought the middle child a 97 440 last year. My Mistake was buying it from a used car salesman. lol well she got to ride it about 20 miles last year before it started to bog down under full throttle. I said I would get it fixed. I took it to a shop (cause I didn't have time...
  8. 1976 Polaris TX500 Tachometer calibration

    Hey Folks, I just repaired a tachometer for a 1973 Polaris TX500 for customer that is doing a restoration. But not sure how to calibrate it. I do automobile speedometers at but have no experience on a 3 cylinder and presume it is a 2 stroke. (dont laugh, I'm a...
  9. Reviving a Polaris 600 Edge XC

    Just purchased a 2002 Polaris 600 Edge XC with Fox Suspension and approximately 3600 miles. The sled was last used in 2011 however, it does start on the 2nd pull. I paid 400 for the sled so I didn't take a very through look before purchasing. What are the first things I should check? The model...
  10. Problems with antifreeze in cylinders Polaris edge 600

    Hi guys, i have a 2001 Polaris Edge X 600. It is mildly modded, has a Aaen Single pipe, vforce reeds, ported and polished cylinders, slp intake and a billet head. It has 4200 miles and has always ran great. I was riding it Friday and noticed it wasn't running as good as normal( wouldn't reach...
  11. For anyone who has hit the trails in Michigan.... Especially southwest michigan

    :DGoing to make a run to southwest Michigan this winter. I would like to know who has been there. What did they think of the trails. Are there any trials or hot spots that I need to make sure I hit up. Also let me know of your favorite bar/dive/dinner that is a must. Thanks in advance. Feel...
  12. Identification of Polaris

    Hi, I have had some conflicting answers on the year and type of sled I have. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. 2006 Polaris Switchback 900

    I'm looking at buying a 2006 Polaris Switchback 900. I was wondering if anyone on here has one or knows anything about them. The one I am looking at only has 990 miles but also has a cracked skid plate and steering neck that's slightly bent. Does anyone know how much those parts would cost...
  14. Polaris 600HO Carb Engine (BMP 701 Kit) - $1,400 or Offer

    Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    Fresh-built Polaris 600HO carb engine with a 701 big bore kit (bored, ported, new pistons/head, etc). Engine professionally built by BMP Bikeman Performance in Wisconsin. It was tested and confirmed to make a true 146hp on Bikeman's dyno and runs on pump premium fuel. Basically new engine...
  15. 06 rmk 700 throttle body

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    I'm new to rebuilding motors but I have a question about removing what I believe is a throttle check valve? There is a total of four brass L shaped brackets that sit below the intake manifold which has clear hoses running to them. Two of them are broke and need to be removed. Is there a trick...
  16. Any isses with 2014/2015 Polaris Assault 800 Electric Start in cold weather

    Hi, looking to buy a slightly used 2015 Polaris Assualt 800 with Electric Start and I need it to start in temps down to -20 degrees as we ride in those temps commonly and sleds are outside overnight. I can ride well yet, but don't have the stamina to pull start a cold sled that those low temps...
  17. 86 polaris indy 400 cdi plug in differences

    Hello i have recently been working on my Indy 400 and ran into the problem of different plugins for this application. My sled's cdi coil plug in is the one with two male's and one female on it. now my question is whats the differences between these cdi boxes and didn't realize that the wires are...
  18. 1994 polaris indy500 efi carbs

    So after long investigation it turns out the piece that's toast is no longer made so I was wondering is should I spend 60-100+ $ on a piece that May or May not work or should change it to carbs
  19. E-Z Throtle control for a 2005 Polaris XC 500

    Just getting my wife into sledding and bought her a 2005 XCSP 500 as it's a sled she can control easily. Problem is that her throttle hand is constantly throbbing and then ges numb. She has small hands and think it's the throttle control. Heard from a friend that they once installed an E-Z...
  20. FS: 2003 Polaris rmk 700 vertical edge 144"

    well just bought a pro so I'm selling my rmk. Has about 1500 miles in complete rebuild strongest edge chassis I've ever been on. Asking $2750 obo. Located in Fargo. message me via my contact info on Craigslist as that comes straight to my phone.