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  1. General
    either decker,dynoport,slp high rpm version or psi modblaster
  2. Polaris
    I want to make some upgrades to my 95 XLT. I was thinking about adding triple pipes, different clutching, and raising the handlebars. Anyone have suggestions on which products to go with and what clutches I would need also what would I need to do inside the chancase area. I.e. Change the gearing...
  3. Polaris
    When we bought the sled it ran fine, when winter came some problems arose, bad gas had been left in the sled, and some one had installed a riser bar without extending the reverse cable so when you turned left the sled would try to reverse, we emptied the bad gas and lengthened the reverse cable...
  4. Polaris
    I have a 1999 Polaris Indy 500 classic touring, when you are driving the head and taillights flicker and then go dim, basically candle light. I have went through all the connections I could see and they are tight. Yet when you slam the hood they will flicker back on and then back off. Any ideas...
  5. Polaris
    I bought this sled not to long ago and was wondering if anyone knew why it’s so heavy. Wondering if anyone had an explanation and what I can do to reduce it
  6. Polaris
    So I had my sled running this winter already but every time I took it out some electrical connections broke or came lose so I fixed the and when my dad put something to secure the battery in he accidentally connected both battery terminals and it hot wired it and fried something I haven’t...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I'm excited to join the group as I just bought my first sled! I purchased a 2000 Polaris Indy Trail Touring 550 to take trail riding and to access more remote backcountry skiing and ice climbing in southwest Colorado. Feel free to reach out if you have the same sled, are a skier or...
  8. Polaris
    Hey all, first post on the forum. I've got a 91 Indy 650 that I should be getting a set of deckers for here soon. Currently scouring the internet to try and find a PSI Genesis II, one piece head for the ol girl. Preferably with a set of trail domes. I know it's a long shot but maybe somebody...
  9. Polaris
    I have a 1988 Polaris Indy Trail 488. I just got it running last night (rebuilt carbs, synced throttle, cleaned fuel pump, replaced choke cable), but it idles at 3000rpm. When I start it, it will idle normal, but if I give it throttle it goes up and doesn't settle back low, the lowest it...
  10. General
    I'm a newer rider but have been on a lot of dirt bikes and ATVs. I currently have a 700 Skidoo and a 700 sxr. They both drive like boats and I want something new anyway. I've really been eyeing the Polaris fusions but I've seen lots of 600s. My worry is now the 700s I have don't scare the crap...
  11. General
    Anyone have a complete set of triple pipes for sale that will fit a 1996 Polaris Ultra Wedge Body?
  12. Polaris
    Just recently (today) cleaned the carbs on my buddies Polaris 680 Ultra due to it not wanting to start easily and a bad idle. So I pulled them all out and cleaned them all. Set the screws back in the proper adjustment as they were before cleaning them. Now it's running super lean (smoking way...
  13. The Performance Tuning Shop
    Looking to regear my 1998 indy 500 to a 19/39 instead of 21/39, would I need a different chain, if so, what size would I need?
  14. General
    Hi I have a 1999 700 rmk, and I was interested in installing a tether on it for safety reasons. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one, and any tips for installing it as well, seeing as i couldn't find anything on how to do it for my specific sled. Thanks in advance!
  15. Engine
    Hello everyone I can not find any carb specs for this snowmobile anywhere. If anyone knows what the specs for these carbs would be if you could please reply to my discussion that would be very helpful. I have the proper jet sizes but I am not sure the slot on the needle and other air/fuel...
  16. General
    So I’m going through the clutch on my 01 rmk 700. The sled originally had an 800 but had a non-ves 700 swapped in by the previous owner. It has a team secondary clutch that I don’t know the specs on and what I’m assuming was the stock primary from the 700 before it was swapped. It’s got a 151”...
  17. Polaris
    So I was out riding my 2018 RMK Pro 800 163” today when my drive belt busted on me. I’ve got less than 500 miles on my machine. Anyone else have this happen to you?? I thought my belt tension was good but I guess not. Any ideas??
  18. General
    hey hoping someone can help. I took off my carbs to give them a clean as my sled wouldn’t start. Once I got them back together it took a bit of tuning as it was very lean at first. Got the sled running good at idle and anything above 7 grand but anywhere below it will start to bog out making a...
  19. Polaris
    Reaching out in hopes of being able to make my dad's first sled run again. The sled hasn't run in about 3-4 years, we are assuming that it was due to the wiring being old. The sled has been sitting in the barn taking up space. Unfortunately, mice have made it under the hood and made it their...
  20. General
    Wondering if anyone know the belt size for an indy lite 340 direct drive. Everything I've tried so far has been to big. I'm looking at a belt on ebay part number is 3211053.. would that be the one?
1-20 of 87 Results