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  1. General
    So I’m going through the clutch on my 01 rmk 700. The sled originally had an 800 but had a non-ves 700 swapped in by the previous owner. It has a team secondary clutch that I don’t know the specs on and what I’m assuming was the stock primary from the 700 before it was swapped. It’s got a 151”...
  2. Vintage
    I have a 89 Phazer with 12,600 mile on it. Yeah that's a bunch. Anyway I cleaned the carbs and put new oil and fuel lines on it. Runs real good… But it will only go about 50mph. Right out of the hole she'll do about 60 but then it just won't do more than 50. It takes off and runs good no...
1-2 of 2 Results