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  1. Need to get back on the trails!

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hello all! I am in need of some help determining whats wrong with my 2005 Skidoo MXZ 380 fan. I know you're thinking, its small thats whats wrong with it! trust me I would love to invest in a bigger machine, unfortunately I lack the funds to do so. Also this machine was my first very own sled...
  2. 1993 Polaris XLT help...sat for 3 years Need maintenance/tune-up lists and a miracle

    Well I just became the proud but very frustrated owner of a far from functional 93 xlt. I should mention I know nothing about snowmobiles, carburetors, or 2 stroke engines. I can build a Japanese V6 no problem but honestly I feel like a fat kid at jenny craig working on this sled. I should take...
  3. 03 pro-x 800 problem!

    So I was riding my 03 pro-x 800 and it had been running perfect all day. Went inside for a hour came back out went on the lake and it started backfiring really bad, died and couldn't start again. I did unplug the tps and i was able to get it started but it ran really bad. But it did run. It has...