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  1. Can you swap sliding sheaves on your primary?

    I found some very serious cracks in my primary clutch and was wondering if I could swap the sheave from a different clutch that is not cracked onto the one on my motor because I do not have the means to remove my clutches. Thanks Josh
  2. 97 440 XCR Edge problems

    So I went out and bought the middle child a 97 440 last year. My Mistake was buying it from a used car salesman. lol well she got to ride it about 20 miles last year before it started to bog down under full throttle. I said I would get it fixed. I took it to a shop (cause I didn't have time...
  3. Re painting exhaust on my storm

    On my 1996 storm 800 I sanded and repainted the exhaust. My question is, do I need to put the heat shield cover things back on? It looks nice with out the covers on it, and I was wondering if I could just leave them off, or will too much heat escape?