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  1. Vintage
    I have been looking at getting a snowmobile to ride for the winter and I found a 1990 indy 400 that doeant have reverse and I want a reverse. I have been looking everywhere on Google and YouTube for a reverse on a 1990 indy 400 but I can't find anything. So I was wondering if anybody knew what...
  2. General
    Im looking to buy a sabercat reverse kit but cant find one anywhere. Any ideas?
  3. Polaris
    So I am inheriting my dads project of a 1996 Polaris xlt touring that he hasn't done really anything with. 5 years ago the engine ran fine but the reverse went out and he took it to a shop and they said then that Polaris no longer made the part to fix it so he just kept riding it and then the...
  4. Polaris
    What would it take to put perc reverse on a 03 pro-x 800?
1-4 of 4 Results