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  1. 1997 RMK 700 CDI Aftermarket?

    Hi all, Ive been hunting allover for a CDI for a 97 RMK 700, if you have ever looked for one you know they are getting tough to find. I see there are some aftermarket CDI for other sleds but cant seem to find one (old or new) for the ol Girl. Does anyone know if you can get a aftermarket CDI...
  2. 2012 RMK Assault 800 Engine Issue

    I bought a 2012 RMK Assualt 800 last winter. Every now and then it would bog down and the engine light would come on but i would let off the throttle and would not come back on for another 50 or so miles. One day later in the year last year it bogged down again and would not come out of it...
  3. 600 RMK versatility?

    Hey all, just had a question about the 600 RMK. I want to get my wife a new sled, but she has already expressed that she thinks the 800 rmk, that i ride, is too much power and is quite frankly a little scary for her. She also does a fair bit of trail riding so I'm not thinking the 800 is good...
  4. 06 rmk 700 throttle body

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    I'm new to rebuilding motors but I have a question about removing what I believe is a throttle check valve? There is a total of four brass L shaped brackets that sit below the intake manifold which has clear hoses running to them. Two of them are broke and need to be removed. Is there a trick...
  5. FS: 2003 Polaris rmk 700 vertical edge 144"

    well just bought a pro so I'm selling my rmk. Has about 1500 miles in complete rebuild strongest edge chassis I've ever been on. Asking $2750 obo. Located in Fargo. message me via my contact info on Craigslist as that comes straight to my phone.
  6. Need Opinions on Exhausts

    I know this is such a general topic to ask about and it gets talked about a lot. But I am personal suck on what exhaust to choose. I have looked and looked and have decided to choose from one of the following. I am looking for something aggressive and actually kind of loud. List as stated...
  7. 1998 or 1999 Polaris rmk 700?

    Mountain Riding
    Hi I'm new to this site and need help picking a snowmobile.let me introduce my self, I'm 14 6ft tall and weigh around 175 pounds. Ok so I need a new sled to me snowmobile ,found 2 sleds as listed in title.lets start with the '98 here I'm just gonna put the exact description as the ad on...
  8. stolen 99 RMK 700 Dec 22

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone knows where to look around for people selling sleds that are questionable. I have been watching kijiji and auto trader but no luck even tried craigslist. The sled was in great condition only small scratches on hood from fence when I bought it. It was stolen...
  9. showdown!!!!

    :confused:What is the difference between a early 2000 rmk 600 and a 98 rmk indy 600? Here is the link to the indy 1998 rmk indy 600 price reduce Any info is welcome! thnx:cool:
  10. Brakes Sticking hard after let off on throttle! NEED HELP! HURRY!

    Hey everyone, I pulled the sled out of the shop for the first time this year. 2009 Polaris RMK Shift 600 w/ 155" track. I just bought the machine this year, actually a month ago. As I began to test ride the machine, it was pulling hard when I let off the throttle. To the point it, it made...