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  1. Fox Float 3 Evol. FOR SALE! NEW IN BOX!

    Suspension, Shocks, Handlebars, and Risers
    I have two brand new sets of Fox Float 3 Evol with a pressure gauge included with them. Anything with a 42" suspension with is basically and Arctic Cat sleds 2012 and up in the procross chassis the proclimb chassis is a little narrow or wide for them. Let me know if you are interested. You can...
  2. Need Water pump for 87 polaris indy 400 liquid twin

    Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    I need either a new or used water pump for my 87 Polaris indy 400. blew it up out on the trails and overheated the motor. also I could use 2 new or used but in good condition front shocks for the same sled. blew one of those up also. Thank you!