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  1. Ski-Doo
    Hello, I just got a 1984 Safari 447 last week and the mix of oil and gas is just off. Does anyone have a link to or a diagram of the oil injection system? I looked online but I couldn't find one.:mad:
  2. Vintage
    I have used this sled for about three years and I've had to replace the head gaskets twise on each head and now it just blew another if anybody knows anything about these sleds please help! I think the heads might me warped but I don't know for sure I haven't taken it apart yet.
  3. The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hey guys i need some help I rolled my 04 mxz800 ho over the weekend it bent the bars on the left side and blew apart the bar controls with the hand warmers brights and r.e.r buttoms. I got new bars and I bought a used bar control assembly or what ever it is I was the same two connection as I had...
  4. General
    Just bought a new sled, i'm 16, it's the first sled i've ever bought. It's a 1999 formula z 583, i'd like to do some modding to it but i want to do stuff thats cheap, i'd like to start with things like bar risers and any cheap mods that would increase performance, if you have anything cheap...
  5. General
    Can anyone give me a clue as to why I lost spark on my sled? I have a 2000 mxz 800 and was riding with some friends today but we stoped at a restaurant to get some lunch and when I came back out to start it it wouldn't start! It usually starts on the first pull after it's been rode but after the...
  6. General
    I have a 2000 mxz 800 that I understand is a vary rare sled. It is a late release 2000 series that was a research and development model for dealers. I also understand it was either the first year the mxz 800's were made or it was the first year Ski Doo made a twin or the other lol...
1-6 of 7 Results