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  1. Engine
    Do 500ss are good engine and do they last in time?
  2. Ski-Doo
    I just bought a skidoo 1993 formula plus with a 582 rotax in it and i dont know where are the screws to deflect the belt. I got the shop manual but the image isnt clear on it (black and white) so i dont see where are the allen screws (i got 2 allen screws if i remember gonna update and put...
  3. General
    I'm a newer rider but have been on a lot of dirt bikes and ATVs. I currently have a 700 Skidoo and a 700 sxr. They both drive like boats and I want something new anyway. I've really been eyeing the Polaris fusions but I've seen lots of 600s. My worry is now the 700s I have don't scare the crap...
  4. Sleds
    I am looking for a 1976 Olympique plus 440 sled/parts. I as well am looking for an engine for this machine if one is out there, please contact with info. (The sled I am looking for is in the bottom left of photo)
  5. Sleds
    Item: Skidoo MXZ X 800 Category: Sled Year: 2015 Location: Vermont Price: $11,000 Here is your chance to own a 2015 Skidoo MXZ X 800 Black edition. For a stock sled it truly is a fine tuned Etec 800 that moves through the trails fast and smooth and with less weight great on handling. This sled...
  6. Ski-Doo
    Hello so I recently bought a 1996 skidoo mxz 583 and at first it ran find but know its difficult to start and will not run well, I have tried pulling plugs and and pulling it over and fuel only sprays out of one cylinder so it seems to be flooding in only one cylinder what could this be? A stuck...
  7. The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hello all! I am in need of some help determining whats wrong with my 2005 Skidoo MXZ 380 fan. I know you're thinking, its small thats whats wrong with it! trust me I would love to invest in a bigger machine, unfortunately I lack the funds to do so. Also this machine was my first very own sled...
  8. Arctic Cat
    :confused: I got a track at haydays this year and it is a 1.25" track with 1.375: studs. The guy said he took it off his 04 rev a believe, if i remember right. he said it would fit polaris cat and skido and said the pitch was 2.52. I was planning on putting it on my 1997 zr 440 but when i put...
  9. Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    rumble pack can for zx ski-doo need something quieter so for sale or trade $140 heres what she sounds like
1-9 of 10 Results