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  1. General
    Yesterday I was riding and my primary clutch locked up, causing it so I couldn’t pull it over or anything I thought I blew it up. I get it home and look it over and turns out it was just my clutch I got that freed up and it started but starts rough, so I replaced all 4 plugs and that didn’t...
  2. Sleds
    I have a vintage 1979 Kawasaki invader 340 for sale! This sled is also liquid cooled. Starts in a couple pulls, very responsive to throttle, no backfires, no bogging. The lights all work on it as well as the hand and thumb warmers. The seat is in great condition with no tears either. It has a...
  3. General
    Hello fellow snow mobile fanatics! A friend of mine recently shared this snowmobile snow sled on his Twitter profile! It is a good looking product and also I've found a review of it! Do any of you guys ever owned this sled, and if so, what are your honest opinions on the product? Thanks! :)
  4. General
    Hello i have recently been working on my Indy 400 and ran into the problem of different plugins for this application. My sled's cdi coil plug in is the one with two male's and one female on it. now my question is whats the differences between these cdi boxes and didn't realize that the wires are...
  5. Vintage
    I have used this sled for about three years and I've had to replace the head gaskets twise on each head and now it just blew another if anybody knows anything about these sleds please help! I think the heads might me warped but I don't know for sure I haven't taken it apart yet.
  6. General
    Just bought a new sled, i'm 16, it's the first sled i've ever bought. It's a 1999 formula z 583, i'd like to do some modding to it but i want to do stuff thats cheap, i'd like to start with things like bar risers and any cheap mods that would increase performance, if you have anything cheap...
  7. Polaris
    :confused:What is the difference between a early 2000 rmk 600 and a 98 rmk indy 600? Here is the link to the indy 1998 rmk indy 600 price reduce Any info is welcome! thnx:cool:
1-7 of 8 Results