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  1. General
    I have my 1996 polaris storm sks. It's has been problems after problems. We went up north with it and it ran good the first weekend. We parked it in the garage, and when we went back up the next weekend it started good and ran fine. I let my cousin ride it and he fouled out the plugs. When we...
  2. General
    im selling my Polaris storm sks to move up to bigger better things. I am looking at 02-03 pro-x 800 or an 800 xc-sp. is there anything big to look out for on them? I know twin pipes caused some of the xs ps's to blow up, but other than that anything big that could cost a lot to repair?
  3. Polaris
    I have been looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 93 750 Storm but cant find much info on any pipes at all. What pipes does everyone like on these early storms? Any numbers or facts would be nice. The sled is moderately modified. And will get more mods later so I'm looking for race pipes...
  4. General
    On my 1996 storm 800 I sanded and repainted the exhaust. My question is, do I need to put the heat shield cover things back on? It looks nice with out the covers on it, and I was wondering if I could just leave them off, or will too much heat escape?
  5. General
    On my 1996 polaris storm sks I'm re-doing the gears in the chain case. Right now it has 20T top gear and 35T bottom gear. I am wondering a few questions. First what is the original gearing for this sled? Next what it a good gearing for the sled. I am also wondering a good website to go to in...
  6. General
    We are rebuilding my 1996 storm sks, and I am wondering if there is any specific pattern to torquing down the heads. I know that they need to be torqued down to 18 ft/lbs but I don't know the pattern. Thanks
  7. General
    We are pulling apart my Polaris storm sks, and we found some numbers stamped into the block. we do not know for a fact that it is a 1996 but that is what we were told when I bought it. the numbers are ec80pl045 96-00103 Fuji heavy indltd I do not know what that means but I figured it would be...
  8. General
    I know I already asked what year jugs will fit on the 96 storm but now I realized I need a cylinder head also. is the head the same years as the jug? i.e. 93-iron sleeve 750cc 94-iron sleeve 800cc early 95-iron sleeve 800cc mid thru late 95- nikasil sleeve 800cc...
  9. General
    on my 96 storm I need a new head and jug. I am not sure what year parts will fit on it and what year parts won,t. I don't want to buy parts that won't fix my problem, so some help would be appreciated. correct me if I am wrong, but aren't 1993-1994 only 750's and not 800's? this information is...
  10. Polaris
    on my 96 storm 800 sks I have an OEM 136X15" with .912" lugs. my cousin has the same sled and he put 1.25" studs in his. I am wondering if that is the ideal size, or if that is overkill. if 1.25" isn't the ideal size, I am wondering what is the proper size? Thanks, Kyle
1-10 of 10 Results