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  1. Polaris
    My 04 switchback 700 won't reach top end. It goes up to 7k pretty well but won't go higher. I've replaced the power valve bellows and gaskets because they were both shot but that didn't seem to do anything. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Josh
  2. Polaris
    I'm looking at buying a 2006 Polaris Switchback 900. I was wondering if anyone on here has one or knows anything about them. The one I am looking at only has 990 miles but also has a cracked skid plate and steering neck that's slightly bent. Does anyone know how much those parts would cost...
  3. Polaris
    Has anyone ever had/ridden a 2006 switchback 600? Is the high output 600 much different from just the 600 in 2005? I am looking at upgrading to this one. Here's the ad: Thanks.
  4. Polaris
    Found a 04 600 switchback and figured I'd pick your brains on it. Sled has 5100 miles and lowest he'll go is 2000. Anything I should be wary of on these sleds? Is that a decent price?
  5. Polaris
    Hi guys I just bought a 2005 Polaris switchback 800 Last weekend and I am wondering some things about it. What kind of oil to run in it, I have used Klots for all my other sleds. Suspention set up for trail and ditch riding and any other reviews, comments and anything els I need to know about...
1-5 of 5 Results